Clinical Trials

The Center for Applied Health Sciences has been instrumental in numerous dietary supplement and nutraceutical clinical trials for safety and efficacy. We are pleased to provide a full turnkey service from protocol development, subject recruitment and IRB approval, to professional presentations and scientific publication in peer-reviewed medical journals. We have successfully orchestrated both small and large-scale studies from pre-clinical (proof-of-concept) trials to Phase IV trials. All team members are fully qualified, well versed in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and maintain an extensive research network of scientific personnel. Examples of our clinical capabilities include:

  • On-site blood collection (chemistry profiles, hormone profiles, immune function, etc)
  • Body composition (skin-folds, bioimpedance analysis, DEXA) assessment
  • Anaerobic (ventilatory/lactate) threshold & capacity testing
  • Metabolic rate & substrate oxidation measurement
  • Aerobic capacity testing (VO2 max/peak)
  • Strength and power testing
  • Ultrasound