Athlete Readiness and Performance Optimization Testing

Regardless of the sport, as athletes increase their training intensity, load, or volume, the possibility of overreaching, under-recovering, and consequently overtraining increases dramatically. By carefully monitoring an athlete’s responses to training and measuring their various reserve capacities, it is possible to make specific adjustments to their training program so that performance is optimized. In short, athletes train less but improve more. Using cutting-edge technology developed after repeated testing of thousands of elite athletes, The Center for Applied Health Sciences is one of only a handful of laboratories in the world that has the ability to quickly (i.e., within two to ten minutes) and non-invasively measure an athlete’s functional state and adaptation process, including:

  • Cardiovascular dynamics (heart rate variability and differential ECG)
  • Energy system capacity (alactic and lactic systems)
  • Neuromuscular (speed/power) potential
  • Autonomic nervous system balance
  • Sensorimotor ability
  • Brain wave (omega potential) patterns